Women in Agriculture Development Unit

The Women in Agriculture Development Unit (WIADU) was established by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL) to take charge of women interests in agriculture in Papua New Guinea.

WIADU hence acts as the main focal point for the sector for improved cooperation, coordination, collaboration, facilitation, monitoring and cohesiveness of women farmers and food producers.

The unit was also established to promote equal participation of women in all aspects of agriculture and livestock development so as to improve the status of women through economic development.

WIADU is also tasked to ensure that gender, social issues and HIV/AIDS are mainstreamed in all agriculture development programs. The unit encourages and involves itself in any projects or activities that promote fair and equal participation by both men and women. Its networks and partnerships cover both the public and private sectors as well as NGO’s and development partners.

Currently there are two officers manning the unit, in Anna Yamanea (Coordinator) and Margaret Gene (Assistant Coordinator).

Photo: A WIADU partnership in the highlands of PNG.


For further information, contact the following:

Anna Yamanea – 71729926 and email address: aleakeyyamanea@gmail.com

Margaret Gene – 79525221