Hon. John Simon, MP

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock

Hon John Simon is the Minister for Agriculture and Livestock since June 2019 under the Marape-Basil Government. Prime Minister Hon James Marape appointed Minister Simon to provide the much needed leadership in stirring the sector under the “Take Back PNG” and “Make PNG the Richest Black Christian Nation” agendas of the current Government.

Agriculture sector is the backbone, foundation of PNG’s rural economy and heart of the nation for socio-economic prosperity and wealth creation. It produces most of the food from subsistence farming and is a base for employment and income generation for over 85% of the population.

The Government recognises that the agriculture sector has enormous potential and will continue to play an important role in sustaining the basic livelihood of the people and contribute to economic growth and national prosperity. Its policy directive for the sector is to “increase cash crops, food and grain crops, fresh fruits and vegetables and livestock production by 30% by 2022”. To achieve these targets, the Ministry and Department of Agriculture and Livestock have strategised and aligned their focus with a goal on developing “a world class agriculture sector that is responsive to international and domestic markets for a diverse range of products by 2022”.

Minister Simon, who is also the Open Member for Maprik in the East Sepik Province, is a member of the ruling Pangu Party, which is headed by the Prime Minister.

Hon Simon is a second term member of Parliament, a former Shadow Minister and a former Deputy Speaker of the PNG Parliament. He is a firm believer of agriculture with actions, having farmed livestock and vanilla at his home in Maprik. Click this link for more about his Parliamentary Services and a brief Biography.