Food Security Week – August 2018

Food Security Week (August 2018)

The Food Security Week (FSW) will promote food security amidst global climate-changes and economic challenges for a free and open trade and cooperation amongst APEC member economies. To be staged from 4th – 10th August, this event will include a rich exhibition of agricultural, fisheries and food displays by PNG based organisations, groups and individuals.



The Theme for the 2018 FSW is “Engaging in Productive and Sustainable Food Systems“.



In line with the theme and the APEC Food Security Road Map 2020, the objective of the FSW is to enhance awareness and promote the importance of Food Value Chains for food and nutrition security, revenue generation and economic development in APEC region focusing on the following issues listed below:

  1. Productive, sustainable and inclusive food systems
  2. Trade and marketing of food products
  3. Nutrition and food safety
  4. Food loss and waste
  5. Climate-smart resilience food systems.
  6. Investment, infrastructure, connectivity and financing of food systems


Display of Information and Products

The AFF Show will be used to disseminate information and exhibits of inputs and services use and products generated in the food value chains by various actors in specific areas of production, food packaging, grading, processing, transportation, marketing and trade, consumption, finance, ICT and policies for the achievement of the objective afore-mentioned. Check the details here:


Concurrently, there will be a PPFS meeting (SOM3) and high-level agriculture meetings including a High Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Technology (HLPDAB), Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (ATCW), and Ocean Fishery Working Group (OFWG). Check the tentative meeting schedule here:



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