DAL PISS – Southern Region


The Southern Regional Directorate of the Department of Agriculture and Livestock’s (DAL) Provincial and Industrial Support Services (PISS) is located at the Central Government Office, Port Moresby. The PISS concept evolved following an approval of the National Agriculture Council meeting held in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province (E.H.P) in 1998,  which consequently saw the creation of regional PISS offices in a new look DAL structure approved by the Department of Personnel Management in 1999.

The Southern Directorate covers the Central, Gulf, Western, Oro and Milne Bay provinces. It also includes the National Capital District. Other sister regional directorates are located in Lae for Momase, Goroka for Highlands and Rabaul for the New Guinea Islands regions.


Regional Sector Overview 

The overall leading industry for Southern region is oil palm, followed by rubber, cocoa, coffee and coconuts. The Higaturu Oil Palm estates in the Oro and Milne Bay provinces are the major producers of oil palm, followed by the Abede Oil Palm Project now under development in the Central Province. Rubber development is also getting momentum in the Central, Western and Gulf provinces. Other crops like cocoa, coffee and coconuts are also given high priority for rehabilitation and expansion in the region. Similarly, the food and horticulture industry is slowly picking up through the promotion of cooperative societies across the region.

There is great potential for new developments and expansion and this has been well reflected under the National Agriculture Development Plan.



Our vision is to facilitate and improve agricultural knowledge and skills through integrated planning and continuous provision of technical advice, management support, and sustainable agricultural systems and practices to enhance the development of the agriculture sector in a participatory manner.



Our mission is to establish linkages with stakeholders in the provinces and provide support for effective delivery of goods and services coupled with infrastructure development through integrated and partnership planning and decision making.



The objectives of the directorate are to:-

  • provide quality advice and technical support to the provinces and industries so as to further develop and expand agriculture base,
  • establish an efficient linkage mechanism through joint program interactions and partnerships with provinces and industry corporations, and
  • act as a bridge or a vehicle between research, extension industry and DAL for the dissemination of research information and policy statements for implementation with provincial counterparts, commodity partners and other stakeholders.



The directorate anticipates the establishment and maintenance of linkages and partnerships with all provincial counterparts, commodity agencies and other stakeholders to bring about tangible socio-economic development and benefits under the new NADP for the vast rural majority, which has the potential to contribute to the sustenance of Papua New Guinea’s economy.



PISS Southern region’s annual programmes are developed and submitted to the Department’s Policy Unit for implementation.

Programme Objectives 

  • To maintain an efficient administration centre with a capacity to coordinate, support and oversee agricultural programs and projects in the Southern region
  • To provide advice and technical support to provinces and other stakeholders on major programs and projects
  • To assist individual farmers and groups for feasibility studies and project proposals for funding assistance through various sources such as domestic financial institutions, Public Investment Programme, government funding and other possible donor agencies
  • To develop a regional database for provision of information / data to provinces and industries on development of plans for agricultural projects and district plans
  • To develop extension materials for farmers for effective communication, dialogue and transfer of new technologies and innovations
  • To provide market information to provinces and stakeholders


Programme Activities 

The annual programmed activities include:-

  • Maintaining an efficient dialogue with stakeholders
  • Conduct provincial visits by respective advisors and director
  • Conducting planning workshops and farmer training
  • Conducting regional agriculture workshops
  • Developing regional agriculture development plans
  • Conducting Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) and Rapid Rural Appraisals (RRA)
  • Assisting farmers with project design, appraisals and evaluations
  • Conducting market surveys on cash and food crops commodities
  • Establishing market intelligence networks on cash and food crop commodities
  • Carrying out land suitability studies and develop District/Provincial profiles
  • Carrying out provincial agriculture surveys and establish database systems
  • Establishing Provincial or Regional Resource Centres
  • Managing daily office operations and staff matters
  • Maintain existing office facilities and procure necessary office equipment, capital items and assets


Roles and Functions 

The Roles and Functions of Southern Regional PISS cover seven important areas:

  1. Administration: To maintain an efficient administrative centre with a capacity and capability to coordinate, support and provide an oversight on all agricultural programs and projects in the Southern Region. Regional Director – Leka Mou 
  2. Crops: To ensure that farmers are provided with relevant technical and practical skills on food and cash crops husbandry and management practices to improve level of production & marketing of products. Crops Advisor – Goru Babona
  3. Livestock: To ensure that farmers are provided with relevant technical and practical skills on livestock husbandry and management practices to improve level of farm produce and marketing of products. Livestock Advisor – Jesoph Nou Taunao
  4. Land Use: To develop Provincial Land Use Profiles as planning and decision making tools for agriculture development in each respective provinces. Land Use Advisor
  5. Marketing Advisory: To establish and provide good market network infrastructure so as to ensure a viable agriculture sector with effective delivery and marketing systems developed. Marketing Advisor
  6. Planning and Economic Advisory: To develop strategies and work closely with Provinces and Industry Corporations for sound economic policies on employment creation, income distribution, price for export of commodities, supply and demand of domestic product and imported items. Planning & Economic Advisory Unit 
  7. Information & Extension: To ensure that effective extension approaches and agricultural information systems are developed to meet the requirements of farming communities. Information & Extension Advisory Unit
  8. Projects: To facilitate and co-ordinate feasibility studies for Nucleus Estate and Smallholder Plantation Development between individuals, groups, communities, donors and investment partners so as to promote sustainable socio-economic development and growth towards alleviating rural poverty and improving rural quality of life style in the future. Project Preparation Advisory Unit
  9. Administration: To ensure that general office administration duties as directed by the Regional Director are professionally executed. All other ancillary staff are monitored and closely supervised to ensure all administration duties are performed to satisfaction as required by the Regional Director. Administration Officer                
  10. Secretarial: To provide professional secretarial duties R to the Regional Director and the Advisors. Hence, provide support towards achieving the Goals of the Regional Directorate and of the Department. Regional Secretary/KBO



The major stakeholders of the Southern PISS Directorate including the following:

LDC                –           Livestock Development Corporation

NARI              –           National Agricultural Research Institute

CIB                  –           Cocoa Industry Board

ROC               –           Republic of China (Taiwan)

SIB                  –           Spice Industry Board

RIB                  –           Rubber Industry Board

CIC                 –           Coffee Industry Corporation

FPDA             –           Fresh Produce Development Authority

NAQIA           –           National Agriculture Quarantine Authority

NGO               –           Non Government Organization

OPIC              –           Oil Palm Industry Corporation

CCRI              –          Cocoa Coconut Research Institute

SIDCO           –          Sirinumu Development Corporation

PROVINCIAL DPIs   – Oro, Milne Bay, Central, Gulf and Western Province