DAL PISS – Highlands Region

The Highlands Regional Directorate of the Department of Agriculture and Livestock’s (DAL) Provincial and Industrial Support Services (PISS) is administered out of Goroka town in the Eastern Highlands Province. The PISS concept evolved following an approval of the National Agriculture Council meeting held in Goroka in 1998, which consequently saw the creation of regional PISS offices in a new look DAL structure approved by the Department of Personnel Management in 1999.

The Highlands Directorate covers the Eastern Highlands, Simbu, Jiwaka, Western Highlands, Enga, Southern Highlands and Hela provinces. Other sister regional directorates are located in Lae for Momase, Kokopo for New Guinea Islands and Port Moresby for the Southern region.

The aim of these regional offices is to establish linkages with stakeholders in the provinces and industry corporation and provide support for the delivery of goods and services coupled with infrastructure development through integrated planning and decision making.

The Highlands PISS programme aims to provide linkages between provinces, stake holders and respective industries in the region in terms of facilitation and technical assistance in fostering agriculture development.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Promote instruments that offer opportunities to improve and/or create new export earnings and efficient import substitution,
  2. Provide and/or assist in accessing technical expertise to address deficiencies in agricultural production,
  3. Promote and enhance domestic food production for existing crops as well as new crops to attain food security and reduce dependence on imported foods,
  4. Assist provinces and districts to revitalise extension centres as nodal points for service delivery and dissemination of information and technologies to clients including organisations and rural farming communities,
  5. Promote diversification of the agricultural base through improved technologies in crop and livestock production, management and downstream processing, and
  6. Identify and contribute to addressing industry needs through partnership programs.


The Regional office has the following senior technical experts with more than 15 years of experience in different areas of agriculture to provide relevant technical services to achieve the above objectives.

  • Crop Advisory,
  • Livestock Advisory,
  • Land Use Advisory,
  • Project Planning Advisory,
  • Economic Planning Advisory,
  • Extension & Information Advisory, and
  • Marketing Advisory.


Food Security Division Programs

This program is supported by the Menifo Resource Centre and the current existing activities include;

  • Tree Fruits development involved in production and distribution of grafted citrus seedlings- this activity is being revived with assistance from FPDA and is producing and distributing seedlings. Menifo can produce and supply seedlings of grafted citrus varieties upon demand.
  • Aquaculture development; perform extension & training in inland fisheries. This program is currently partnering with NFA in Goroka to perform extension & research activities.
  • Apiculture development; perform extension and development activities to promote bee keeping & honey production. This program is fully functional by partnering with many stakeholders. Based on demand, this program can organize training as well as follow up extension visits and assist clients to purchase and own bee hives. Its has good contacts with other support service providers to connect farmers to suppliers of bee equipment, bee colonies, queen bees and processors. DAL only provides technical advice and support.
  • Livestock development; perform extension and development activities in village livestock such as cattle, sheep & goats.  Currently, livestock breeding and distribution is being revived the Resource Centre at Menifo, Lufa District, Eastern Highlands Province but not fully operational.


In summary, the office can offer various technical services for all agriculture development activities including technical advice, technical survey & assessments, project feasibility studies, project documentation, and field extension & development.



Goroka, Leigh Vial Street- Goroka Hospital Road

Postal Address: Post Office Box 1076, Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province

Papua New Guinea

Phone/Fax: 532 106