Provincial & Industry Support Services

The Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL) operates from four regional establishments – Momase, Highlands, Southern and Islands – to carry out its provincial and industry support by way of provision of agriculture and technical advisory services.  With the regional offices, referred to as Provincial and Industry Support Services (PISS), DAL aims to provide quality advice and technical support to the provinces and the industry; and establish an effective linkage mechanism through joint programmes and partnerships with provinces, industries and corporate agencies in the sector.

The establishments also act as a conduit between various agriculture programmes in research, extension, marketing, planning, land use, crop and livestock.

The government policy on the National Agriculture Development Plan has for the first time given added impetus and justification to the establishment of the provincial support branches.

The provincial programmes are supported by a team of advisors in the fields of crop, land use, livestock project planning and preparation, extension and information.

Check the respective PISS Offices for further information:

  1. Momase Regional PISS Office
  2. Highlands Regional PISS Office
  3. Southern Regional PISS Office
  4. Islands Regional PISS Office