The Provincial Agriculture and Technical Services (PATS) division was established in April 1999.  The establishment was in direct response to the 1996 Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government, whereby DAL had has to ensure that there is continued effective bridging and linkage of national programmes with the province, districts and local level governments programmes whom the government through the passing of the Organic Law gave political and resource powers to these three tiers of government.

This is the largest Division in DAL, which comprises of the Provincial and Industrial Support Services executed through four Regional programmes, National Food Security Programmes including Domestic Rice Projects, Technical Activities such as Land Use and Food Safety. Food Security Branch activities are spread throughout the country utilising its Erap and Menifo/Bena Agriculture Centres for training, supply of planting material, stocks and low-keyed extension services.


The following are the branches under this division:

  1. Food Security
  2. Science and Technology
  3. Provincial & Industry Support Services