The Economic Research Policy Planning Programming and Coordination (ERPPPC) branch consists of Strategy Planning, Resource Planning, Project Preparation, Program Planning, Rural Statistics, Agriculture Credit Coordination and Women in Agriculture Development Unit.



The function of ERPPPC is to provide policy planning and analysis, programming, budgeting and investment analysis, rural statistics and economic research into agriculture sector, for providing strategic advice to the Secretary and the Minister.

  • Review and formulation of agricultural strategic plans
  • Analysis and coordination of economic policies
  • Resource planning and sector budgeting
  • Compilation and publishing of statistics reports
  • Support to impact projects / new proposals
  • Coordination of Women in Agriculture Development Unit


Strategic Objectives

 The strategic objectives of ERPPPC are to;

  1. formulate and provide policy and planning advise to DAL on matters relating to the development of the agricultural livestock sector;
  2. provide advisory services/support to agriculture and its industries, organizations and producers;
  3. coordinate and evaluate the implementation of agriculture policies and programmes at the national and provincial levels;
  4. assist the Secretary in the management of the department’s programmes including policy analysis, planning, budgeting, generating rural and farm management information, programme and project monitoring and evaluation and various aspects of statistical backup; and
  5. coordinate agricultural sector resource planning to ensure sectoral development are economical, socially and financially sound for the enhancement of national development.



Program Activities

The branch has the following seven (7) sections that perform specific functions/activities:


  1. Advisory, Management and Coordination
  • Coordination and linkage to agriculture agencies
  • NAC/NEC submissions /concepts / Policy papers
  • Provide regular ministerial and department briefs
  • Attend seminars / workshops
  • Conduct Quarterly reviews and Prepare reports
  • Attend inter-department and agency meetings
  • Attend WTO/ APEC / MSG / FAO / ACP-EU / EPA meetings


  1. Strategy planning & Policy formulation Advice
  • Prepare policy working papers
  • Prepare sector information papers
  • Prepare NAC / NEC policy papers
  • Develop annual strategic review papers
  • Develop climate change policy for Agriculture


  1. Economic Research
  • Conduct Economic Policy Research
  • Conduct public private partnership (PPP) research projects
  • Develop work place policy
  • Coordination of commodity working group meetings
  • Consult provinces on national Agriculture plans


  1. Research Planning and Programming
  • Compile and submit DAL Annual work plans and budgets
  • Coordinate Agriculture Sector Budgets
  • Conduct Budget meetings and reviews
  • Develop Budget strategy to the MTDP
  • Provide effective Aid Coordination (meetings)
  • Plan, design and implement a suitable IT system and MIS
  • Prepare and issue DAL monthly cash flows to Dep’t of Treasury
  • Collect warrants and issue monthly CFCs to DAL Finance branch


  1. Agriculture (Rural) Statistics
  • Routine update of agriculture statistic database
  • Preparing and Dissemination of Agriculture Information through statistical Handbook,
  • Re-scoping of the designed frame for the survey questionnaire form, methodologies
  • Attend to general ERPPPC duties – policy formulation, PIP submissions and budget preparation
  • Attend meetings regarding statistics (with NSO/DNPM)
  • Other ad- hoc duties


  1. Project planning & Appraisal 
  • Attend workshops
  • Contribution on special submissions
  • Prepare project proposals
  • Attend meetings



  1. Women In Agriculture Development Unit
  • Coordinate & conduct floriculture training
  • Coordinate and conduct training on backyard gardening
  • Visit to provincial WIADU coordinators
  • Attend to shows, expos and field days
  • Collect and disseminate information
  • Attend meetings and establish networks with stakeholders
  • Develop women in agriculture database
  • Solicit gender / women & youth project funding
  • Provide support to peri – urban gardening