Management Services

The Management Services (Personnel and Administration) branch aims at Providing a highly efficient, effective and progressive Human Resource and Administration systems and services to support the implementation of Government policies in Agriculture.

The management also coordinates programs through the following committees; for respective recommendations to the DAL Secretary for endorsement and execution. The committees are;

  • Housing and Assets committee
  • Recruitment and Selection committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Contract Review Committee

The branch’s work programs also involve budgetry, human resource management and Public administration of assets, land, registry and Information Technology.


The branch Director’s immediate subordinates are;

  • Personnel Manager (HRM), who looks after the Salaries and Recruitment
  • Inspector Manpower, who looks after the Manpower register and Budget planning
  • Senior Industrial Officer who attends to all staff disputes, superannuation, retrenchments, retirements and resignation issues.
  • Senior Assets Officer who deals with all assets, houses and land
  • Admin officer on all branch matters


For further information, contact the branch through phone 3007811 or email