Information & Publications

The goal of the Agricultural Information and Publications Branch is to provide appropriate, relevant and timely information to the agricultural sector for increased productivity and production of the agricultural industries and for a better livelihood of the population.


There are five sub-programs that support the activity. These are:

  • Management and Administration,
  • Publishing and Printing,
  • Library and Information Documentation,
  • Information and Communication Technology,
  • Public Relations and Media.


Its objectives are to:

  • Provide effective management and coordination of the resources to improve production and dissemination of relevant information and on timely manner including attendance and participation in meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences on development, adoption and utilization of ICT to transform agriculture in PNG,


  • Edit, publish and disseminate relevant agricultural information in print form, for a wider spread of agricultural knowledge for greater knowledge dissemination to a wider audience [such as; DAL Agriculture newsletter, PNG Journal of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, the Harvest Extension Journal, Farming Notes, Rural Development Handbook Series, Pocket Books, Agricultural Statistics Documents, Technical, Seminar and Workshop and other Special DAL documents, such as the National Agricultural Policy, National Agricultural Development Strategy and other relevant publications],


  • Provide library and information documentation services by means of gathering, processing and disseminating relevant agricultural information in electronic and print form to a wider audience to improve agricultural farming practices to increase productivity and production in PNG,


  • Adopt and utilize innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications and solutions including development and maintenance of DAL and sector website to access, exchange and disseminate agricultural information to a wider audience to promote and transform agriculture in PNG, and


  • Promote and create awareness to a wider audience through comprehensive Public Relations and Media coverage on agriculture development initiatives in PNG.


Type of services provided include:

  • Design and printing of agricultural materials,
  • Write, edit and publish scientific, technical and extension papers and materials,
  • Provide library services,
  • Digitize key DAL and sector policy and strategy papers,
  • Maintain and update DAL and sector website,
  • Adopt and utilize innovative ICT applications and solutions,
  • Provide public relations and media coverage to promote and create awareness on agriculture.