Agriculture APEC 2018

The 2018 APEC event brings to Papua New Guinea a huge opportunity to the people, businesses and the Government to develop linkages, showcase potentials and grow the economy through active participation by all sectors.

Food Security and Agriculture are amongst the agendas of this regional forum in Port Moresby, from February to November. The inclusion of agriculture is important as this is the sector that sustains the livelihoods of the eight million people, and contributes significantly to national development and economic growth every year.

The Department of Agriculture and Livestock, as the lead agency for the country’s agriculture sector, has been spearheading preparations and participation, in consultation with the APEC 2018 Authority and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector.

The DAL APEC Committee has set in place its policy priorities and deliverables; meeting schedules; preparations and logistics. The DAL APEC committee is led by Brown Konabe, Director of the DAL Food Security Branch.


APEC 2018 

Theme: “Harnessing inclusive opportunities, embracing the digital future”

The theme focuses on providing APEC with an opportunity to strategically work on growth, inclusivity, and Sustainability while embracing critical opportunities in the Digital age;

  • Growth (APEC Growth Strategies, 2010)
  • Connectivity (APEC Connectivity Blueprint, 2014)
  • The onset of the digital economy (ongoing)


1. Policy Partnership in Food Security – SOM1 (February – March 2018)

Theme: “Unlocking agriculture and fisheries powers for economic growth and prosperity for all peoples”.

The first Senior Officials Meeting (SOM1) and related meetings on Policy Partnership in Food Security (PPFS) will take place in Port Moresby during 24th February to 9th March.

SOM1 focuses on (1) enhancing food security and sustainable agriculture through use of ICT in response to climate change, (2) promoting women in agriculture and fisheries, and (3) sustaining fisheries management and development.

2. Food Security Week (August 2018)

The Food Security Week (FSW) will promote food security amidst global climate-changes and economic challenges for a free and open trade and cooperation amongst APEC member economies. To be staged from 4th – 10th August, this event will include a rich exhibition of agricultural, fisheries and food displays by PNG based organisations, groups and individuals.

The Theme for the 2018 FSW is “Engaging in Productive and Sustainable Food Systems”.

The broad objective of the 2018 FSW is to promote and enhance awareness on the value-chain of the food systems, focusing on the sustainable food production, productivity, food and nutrition security, food safety, food loss and wastage, marketing and trade of food products and climate-smart resilience farming systems and fishery.

Concurrently, there will be a PPFS meeting (SOM3) and high-level agriculture meetings including a High Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Technology (HLPDAB), Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (ATCW), and Ocean Fishery Working Group (OFWG). Check the tentative meeting schedule here:



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