Agriculture Sector Plan

PNG Government’s policy directive for the agriculture sector is to “increase cash crops, food and grain crops, fresh fruits and vegetables and livestock production by 30% by 2022”.

The DAL, as the lead agency in the sector, formulated the Agriculture Medium Term Development Plan (AMTDP) 2020-2022 in alignment to PNG’s overall Medium Term Development Plan III 2018-2022, in consultation with the Departments of National Planning and Monitoring and Treasury, and the sub-sector agencies.

The AMTDP underpins the PNG’s agriculture sector goal of developing “a World Class Agriculture Sector that is responsive to international and domestic markets for a diverse range of products by 2022” which is directly in line with the Marape-Basil government’s policy directive and encompasses sub-sector plans and programs to be implemented between 2020 and 2022 financial years.

The AMTDP defines policy directions and priority areas for investment within different sub-sectors as stipulated in MTDP III. This ensures the flow and direction of resources to enhance maximum changes in the lives of the people of PNG through increased revenue generation, improved food and nutrition security and poverty alleviation.

AMTDP also outlines strategic interventions, implementation strategies and the key players to contribute to the development outcomes in the sector through collective participation.