Vision / Mission


Papua New Guinea agriculture is a climate-smart, internationally competitive, business-oriented powerhouse translating our vast untapped agriculture potential to provide food security, sustainable rural development, prosperity for our people and economic independence for our Nation.



Take an active role in transforming the agriculture sector, provide sound professional and innovative policy advice, high quality and effective technical and administrative support to inspire and empower optimal performance of all key stakeholders and our clients.


Guiding Principles

Excellence:   Set and practice highest standards

Innovation:   Seek new and creative solutions

Service:         Serve with honesty, humility and courage



In implementing PNG’s Agriculture Sector Strategic Plan 2018-2037, the DAL, its staff and its key stakeholders will embrace the following values and guiding principles:

  • Integrity: The DAL and the Agriculture Sector Agencies are honest, reliable with each other and all agriculture value chain actors working in partnership for success;
  • People-centered: The DAL and the Agriculture Sector Agencies will engage with male and female partners and other clients transparently with agricultural best practices and technologies that promotes their food and economic security;
  • Empowerment: The DAL and the Agriculture Sector Agencies will consistently engage and develop farmers and other value chain actors as entrepreneurs in their respective rights;
  • Service: The DAL and the Agriculture Sector Agencies will respond to farmers and other value chain actors in a consistent and timely manner in providing them quality services;
  • Stewardship: The DAL and the Agriculture Sector Agencies, will encourage and support local farmers and other agriculture value chain actors to pursue sustainable agricultural practices that are environmental friendly and preserve the ecosystems for future generations;
  • Innovativeness: The DAL and the Agriculture Sector Agencies constantly and will provide innovative, effective and relevant economic technologies that give economic benefit to agriculture value chain actors, partners and other clients; and
  • Excellence: The DAL and the Agriculture Sector Agencies will set high standards and strive to promote, encourage and support excellence at all times.



The Agricultural policy is aimed at promoting economic development, generating employment and enhancing the development of the rural communities. The policy is designed to achieve eight broad objectives:

  • Increase the efficiency and competitiveness of PNG’s agriculture industries and government institutions;
  • Increase agriculture production and productivity by encouraging and supporting innovation and growth;
  • Generate new opportunities for employment and income for rural communities through highly strategic market development both domestically and internationally;
  • Strengthen agricultural extension by promoting multi-sectoral integration and supporting strategic partnerships;
  • Promote the generation, adaptation, and adoption of improved and modern technologies;
  • Enhance national food security, healthy nutrition and vibrant food trade;
  • Increase land area under agriculture and rationalize effective use of land for agriculture; and
  • Protect, conserve and ensure sustainable use of our land and other natural resources.