Agriculture meetings set for APEC 2018

Posted on:Feb 21, 2018News

Preparations for the agriculture and food security meetings during the APEC 2018 Summit are advancing well at the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL).

Progress on the preparations (policy initiatives and deliverables) was shared with stakeholders during the department’s APEC Stakeholder Workshop held at the Stanley Hotel on February 14 2018. The event was attended by representatives from agricultural commodity boards and sectoral agencies, government departments, the private sector, and non-government organizations; as well as the PNG APEC Secretariat, PNG APEC Authority and the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC).

DAL Secretary Dr Vele Pat Ila’ava said APEC provides an opportunity for PNG to showcase its agriculture potential, connect with regional and global economies and seek possible investment.

Dr Ila’ava said the PNG APEC theme is “Harnessing inclusive opportunities, embracing the digital future” and the proposed theme for the first agriculture meeting, Policy Partnership in Food Security (PPFS), is “Unlocking agriculture and fisheries powers for economic growth and prosperity for all peoples”.

DAL Secretary Dr Vele Pat Ila’ava (right) and a representative from ABAC during the DAL-APEC Stakeholder Workshop in Port Moresby on February 14 2018.

The PNG vision is for a smart, fair, wealthy and happy country by 2050, and hence, the agriculture sector needs to be moved forward to a higher level, utilizing its opportunities and potential, Dr Ila’ava added.

He told the participants that the PNG Government wants to build a modern, climate smart and international competitive agriculture sector, and he believes that this can be achieved with the involvement and support of APEC economies.

The PPFS meetings will be held during February-March SOM1. In August there will also be a PPFS meeting and high-level agriculture meetings including a High Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Technology (HLPDAB), Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (ATCW), and Ocean Fishery Working Group (OFWG).

DAL Secretary is the co-chair of the PPFS along with the National Fisheries Authority.

Dr Ila’ava said the way forward for sustainable agriculture development is to have a positive mindset and attitude and be smarter in doing things. He urged all stakeholders to work closely with the department in planning, preparing and successfully hosting the agriculture and food security meetings which commences with APEC SOM1 Meetings in February and March 2018.

Dr Ila’ava, who officially opened the workshop, also thanked the Food and Agriculture Organization of the Unitec Nations (FAO), PNG Office, for funding the stakeholder workshop.

DAL, National Fisheries Authority and ABAC are also working closely to stage the APEC Food Security Week to be held during SOM3 in August. During SOM3, related agriculture meetings will also be held on PPFS, High Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Technology (HLPDAB), Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (ATCW), and Ocean Fishery Working Group (OFWG).

Whilst the fora meetings are expected to be held concurrently, there will also be exhibitions for agriculture, fisheries and foods.

DAL senior officials led by DAL APEC Coordinator Brown Konabe made presentations on APEC agriculture and food security priorities and deliverables and meeting schedules, preparations and logistics for the Food Security Week (August) and others.


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