Successful meet on food security at APEC

Posted on:Mar 27, 2018News

The APEC Policy Partnership on Food Security (PPFS) Meeting held on the 3rd and 4th March, 2018, was an overwhelming success.

The PPFS Chair and Department of Agriculture and Livestock Secretary Dr Vele Pat Ila’ava said he was encouraged and inspired by the spirit of cooperation and teamwork that he witnessed among delegates from the APEC economies.

In his closing remarks, Dr Ila’ava thanked the delegates for making the time available from their busy schedules to visit PNG and participate in the APEC Senior Officials Meeting, specifically on the PPFS.

He said the PNG APEC 2018 theme, “Harnessing in inclusive opportunities, embracing the digital future”, is indeed a very challenging one, and demands that we must all join hands and work together to find smart and innovative solutions moving forward.

“I am greatly encouraged and inspired by the spirit of cooperation and teamwork that I have witnessed among members in the PPFS over the last few days,” Dr Ila’ava said.

“We have definitely covered a lot of ground in the two days to explore options for ‘productive, climate smart and sustainable food systems’ in light of the challenges we face in food security and climate change.”

“I have noted some key words that were prominent in the discussions over the last two days. In terms of challenges, words and concepts like “capacity building, nutrition, food loss, food waste, resources, institutions, connectivity, communication, inclusivity and women empowerment’, featured quite prominent.”

Dr Ila’ava said on the other hand, it was pleasing to note that, in response to these challenges, APEC has already developed some tools, has human resource capacity and institution, to address them. For example, opportunities that are currently available in “PPP, ICT, Technology and Best Practice”.

“Over the last two days and of course, over the last few months in planning for APEC 2018, PPFS has benefitted greatly from the vast experience, knowledge and brain power within APEC economies.”