PNG Agriculture Commercialization and Diversification Project

The PNG Agriculture Commercialisation and Diversification (PACD) project focuses on facilitating the development of competitive and diversified agriculture value chains for selected commodities in targeted provinces.

The aim is on institutional reform and capacity building, crop diversification, climate resilient and supporting farmer to shift from subsistence to semi-commercial farming.

The World Bank funded initiative, to the tune of USD$ 40 million, is an extension to the Productive Partnership Agriculture Project (PPAP), supporting micro, small and medium enterprises to commercialise and expand further into emerging agricultural opportunities, including coconut products, small livestock and spices in addition to coffee and cocoa.

It will consolidate the work of PPAP and address critical roadblocks to the growth of PNG’s under-performing agricultural sector, which is constrained by high transaction costs, lack of access to markets and poor rural infrastructure.

The implementing agencies are DAL, Coffee Industry Corporation and Cocoa Board.

Below are key documents for PACD in PNG:



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