PestNet Database

Posted on:Jan 01, 2018Online e-Resources

PestNet is an email network that helps people throughout the world obtain rapid advice and information on crop protection, including the identification and management of plant pests. PestNet welcomes growers, researches, extensionists, entrepreneurs, students and plant health professionals. All they need is access to email, a question to ask, information to give, or just an interest in plant protection and being part of a worldwide network. This web portal provides information on the database itself, how to join PestNet, how to send messages, how to send specimens, summaries of discussions, pest fact sheets, moderators, review and feedback.

Check this link to access the PestNet Database.

PestNetOnline is the system that stores all of pest management data electronically, replacing traditional paper-based systems. The system maintains online data, ensuring real-time access to records and is fully flexible, easy to use, secure and available 24/7.