Food Security Cluster – PNG

Posted on:Apr 03, 2018Online e-Resources

The Papua New Guinea Food Security Cluster (FSC) is a humanitarian network with the interest in responding to crisis situations in the domain of food and agriculture in the country. The Cluster’s objective is to respond to Humanitarian crises in a coordinated, appropriate and timely manner by identifying critical food assistance gaps and avoiding response duplication.

FSC has an active online database system for sharing resources and communicating information; which can be accessed through this link:

FSC was only initiated in early 2016 in response to the onset of severe drought due to the El-Niño Southern Oscillation. The Cluster is led by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL) and the National Disaster Centre (NDC) of PNG, and co-lead by the United Nation’s World Food Programme and Food and Agriculture Organisation. The cluster is currently chaired by DAL and co-chaired by CARE International (as of May 2016) representing the NGO community. The FSC membership comprises of the PNG government, UN agencies, International NGOs, local NGOs, Faith-based organizations, private sector, Red Cross and donors.