Vice Minister to take charge of nursery and plantation rehabilitation

Posted on:Jan 03, 2018News

The Vice Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Hon. Henry Ame, will be responsible for all nursery and plantation rehabilitation matters in Papua New Guinea.

Nursery development and plantation rehabilitation activities are important in the Government’s drive to transform the agriculture sector and the aim is to improve nursery programs and plantations throughout the country.

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Hon. Benny Allan, when announcing the Vice Minister’s responsibilities, said that Hon. Henry Ame is a coffee businessman and knows very well the needs of the agriculture sector. He will be in charge of nurseries and will work closely with relevant ministries and agencies to improve rundown plantations in the country.

“Hon. Henry Ame, MP for Goroka, will work together with the department and commodity boards in implementing the re-establishment of the national plantation management agency.”

In line with the current Government’s focus on agriculture development, it has revived the national plantation management agency through the establishment of an office that will be responsible for looking at rundown plantations and see whether they can be rehabilitated and improved to boost production.

Funding will be made available through the National Development Bank and the Small-to-Medium Enterprises.