LDC takes over Maprik livestock projects

Posted on:Dec 26, 2021News

The Livestock Development Corporation (LDC) will now go into partnership with Maprik Investment Limited (MIL), the business arm of Maprik District Development Authority (DDA) to take over management of two major livestock projects in the district.

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on August 18 2020 between managing directors of both entities – Terry Koim for LDC and Otto Wangilen for MIL – and witnessed by Maprik DDA Chief Executive Officer Joshua Himina.


The focus of the MOU is to set up appropriate development plans that will see the two projects – Kwimbu Cattle Ranch and the Piggery – developed and key areas identified to ensure the smooth operation of this revenue generating initiatives.

The projects were set up in 2015 by local MP John Simon with a vision to revive the livestock industry in the East Sepik Province. Over 100 cows were part of a shipment of livestock that arrived in Maprik from Lae.

These projects had been fully funded by Maprik DDA however with limited development avenues they have somewhat faced difficulties with sustainability.

Hon Simon in his capacity as the Minister for Agriculture and livestock still believes that rehabilitating these projects will see his vision achieved with the assistance of LDC.

A major goal is to see Maprik becomes a major beef distributor in East Sepik and eventually to other provinces throughout PNG.

Koim said LDC concurs with the vision of the Minister, adding that there is a great potential in the Kwimbu Cattle ranch and Piggery at Pachi to become main distributors of beef and pork meat in the province and PNG as well.

He said the agreement will now see LDC provide development avenues including skills training for selected locals to manage the major projects, adding that there is an aim to see Kwimbu become the breeding center for cattle in the Central Sepik region.

Koim also noted that there is a possibility of extending the size of the ranch; he added that LDC will also be looking at bringing in Veteran supplies to ensure that the cattle are in a healthier state to proceed into the next phases of livestock rehabilitation.

The agreement states that cattle still remains the property of MIL but will be managed by LDC with a development plan, and key areas to be achieved over a period of time.

Meantime, prior to the signing of the MoU Minister Simon accompanied by Koim had visited the ranch earlier in the day where Koim had established that there would be much work needed to be carried out at the ranch but he believes it is attainable and he looks forward to working closely with MIL to revive the livestock projects in the Maprik District. [Released: August 18 2020]