Chinese companies show interest to invest in PNG agriculture

Posted on:Aug 06, 2019News

Several agricultural companies from China’s Guangdong Province are keen to invest and export their products to PNG. The companies are interested in establishing linkages with potential partner organisations and government agencies to do business.

Company representatives from agricultural farm machinery, food processing, crops development, exports and imports, research, irrigation and forestry made this known in a meeting with PNG officials and farmers in Guangzhou City, China, in June 2019.

The group of 19 including officers from DAL, Central Provincial Administration, Fresh Produce Development Agency, National Agricultural Research Institute, and farmers and farm workers from the Central Province was in Guangzhou for a two-week agricultural management and training program.

Following their graduation, the group met with chief executives and senior officials from Guangdong Lardmee Company, Shenzen Vivafounder Investment Holdings Limited, Guangdong Yimutian Network Technology Co. Ltd, Guangdong Yueliang Seed Industry Co. Ltd, and Guangdong Dahua Water-Saving Technology Co. Ltd to discuss a range of opportunities.

The company executives made brief presentations of their operations and exchanged views and information with the PNG team. They said that they were seeking information on how to make further contact and to follow up with relevant agencies on investing in PNG in various agricultural activities from supply of farm machinery and irrigation equipment to seed production and provision of further education for students.

Deputy Director General of Guangdong Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Chen Dong, said there were similarities between Guangdong and PNG in their agriculture development and believed there was huge potential for future cooperation. He said Guangdong companies and businessmen had a strong desire to communicate and establish links with PNG and were interested in agriculture activities such as exports of chemicals and fertilizers, fruits, plantation crops, agriculture machinery and to import fish from PNG.

Shenzen Vivafounder Investment Holdings Ltd is already investing in an agro-forestry project in the West Sepik province and now growing oil palm and rubber and is planning to venture into similar agricultural projects in other provinces.

Guangdong Yueliang Seed Industry co. Ltd said it was seeking opportunities to venture into seed production especially in vegetables.

The chief executive of Guangdong Lardmee Co. Ltd, Yang Jinchang, surprised the visitors when he introduced himself in tok pisin and made a presentation on his previous work in Kandep in Enga. Jinchang, said the high tech enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing, marketing and services of new fertilizers, wants to establish cooperation with PNG and supply fertilizers to the agriculture sector.

Ye Jiangfeng, a senior manager with Guangdong Dahua Water-Saving Technology Co. Ltd, said his company produces many types of irrigation equipment which can be exported to PNG to be used in farms.