Rubber Board of PNG

Posted on:Jan 04, 2018Commodity Boards & Agencies

The Rubber Board of PNG is the authority responsible for the rubber industry in the country. The Board is currently under the management of the Department of Agriculture and Livestock.

Rubber is the oldest yet it is still a major crop compared to other tree crops, and presently has 60, 000 farmers growing it. The Board expects to increase this volume to 100, 000 growers in the next three years.

The industry had seen a decline in production over the past 20 years, however with the revitalization and establishment of an efficient board in 2015, the Industry is slowly making a comeback.

There are eight provinces presently growing rubber in PNG, namely;

  • Central
  • Gulf
  • New Ireland
  • Manus
  • Oro
  • Western
  • East Sepik
  • Sandaun


Rubber is also known as a secondary forest with a big future and longtime investment. Currently, there are two Technically Specific Rubber (TSR 10) factories in the country. Privately owned, one is in the Western Province and the other at Doa in the Central Province. They export some 300, 000 – 400, 000 tonnes every month. The Rubber Board is looking at increasing that volume to 600 or 800 thousand tonnes by the end of 2018. The PNG rubber industry under an ADB funding has two named Estates – Cape Rodney in the Central Province and Gavien in East Sepik. The Board plans on rehabilitating and reviving these estates.

The PNG rubber industry is also looking at reviving old plantations and starting new plantings in new areas like West New Britain, Morobe and Bougainville.

The industry has few exporters and Association buyers and also very active exporter and manufacturers, namely;

  1. Galley Reach – exports TSR 10,
  2. North Fly – exports TSR 10, and
  3. SPV – exports raw cup lump and a large exporter as well.



For more information, contact;

PNG Rubber Board

Level 3, Central Government Office

Kumul Avenue, Waigani

c/ – Department of Agriculture & Livestock

P O Box 2033

Port Moresby

National Capital District

Phone: 300 7898