Livestock Development Corporation

Posted on:Jan 04, 2018Commodity Boards & Agencies

The Livestock Development Corporation (LDC) is the mandated Government agency responsible for the development of all forms of livestock including cattle raising and grazing systems in Papua New Guinea.

Livestock within the mandate of LDC includes cattle, poultry, pig, sheep and goats, rabbits, apiculture (honey bee), and aquaculture.

Currently PNG produces around 1, 400 to 2, 000 tonnes of meat annually; and all are consumed domestically. However in order to meet the local demand, the country imports around 14,000 tonnes of meat annually at a cost of K30 million; of which around 70% of imported beef is used by two commercial canneries to produce conned beef, luncheon meat and meat loaf products.

In all, the livestock sub-sector contributes about 15% of the total domestic food production and about 12% of the gross domestic product.

The current target, as established under the PNG Development Strategic Plan 2010-20130, is to increase domestic production to four million metric tonnes by 2030. Current production is 400,000 tonnes which is only 10% of the meat target set by the PNGDSP.


LDC has five large ranges and three abattoirs.

Livestock Farms
1. Tiaba Demonstration farm, Central Province
2. Launakalana farm, Central Province
3. Zuguru and Bihute farms, Eastern Highlands Province
4. Erap Station farm, Morobe Province
5. Sagalau Station farm, Madang Province

1. Tiaba Abbatoir
2. Goroka Abbatoir
3. Madang Abbatoir