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  • World Food Day

    World Food Day

    Join us for the Official 2022 World Food Day on October 16

Commodity Boards & Agencies

  • Oil Palm Industry Corporation

    Oil Palm Industry Corporation

    The Oil Palm Industry Corporation (OPIC) is responsible for providing extension services to the smallholders, …
  • Livestock Development Corporation

    Livestock Development Corporation

    The Livestock Development Corporation (LDC) is the mandated Government agency responsible for the development of …
  • Rubber Board of PNG

    Rubber Board of PNG

    The Rubber Board of PNG is the authority responsible for the rubber industry in the …
  • Spice Board of PNG

    Spice Board of PNG

    Spice is a new and upcoming industry in Papua New Guinea. The industry supports up …
  • Kokonas Indastri Koporesen

    Kokonas Indastri Koporesen

    The Kokonas Indastri Koporesen (KIK), which means Coconut Industry Corporation, was established in May 2002 …
  • Cocoa Board of PNG

    Cocoa Board of PNG

    The Cocoa Board of PNG is the agency responsible for the development of PNG’s cocoa …


    The National Agriculture Quarantine & Inspection Authority (NAQIA) is in charge of quarantine services and …
  • Coffee Industry Corporation

    Coffee Industry Corporation

    The Coffee Industry Corporation Limited (CIC) is the agency responsible for the PNG coffee industry. …
  • FPDA


    The Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) focuses on the PNG horticultural industry. It aims to …
  • NARI


    The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) is responsible for agricultural research, knowledge creation and information …